Get the Drawing and Donate: BB

Zombies Can Save The World!

Get the Drawing and Donate: BB

+What is it?+
I have been drawing pictures of zombies on an internet forum of a zombie game since 2005, mostly by request.
The aim of this project is to let the members on the forum realize that there are plenty of people living in fear of death.
And let the members know that they can save peoplefs lives in real life, not only in the game.
Hopefully, through this project the members will have interest to save these people, and keep donating or take a part in humanitarian organizations.

+How does it work?+
I send each picture I drew on the forum to the one who requested me.
It cost about $5 USD to airmail a picture to other county.
They donate the same amount of money of airmail to a humanitarian organization.
And they send me the receipt via e-mail.

*This project has nothing to do with any religion nor specific humanitarian organization.

There are two participants so far. They have donated to:

5 GBP to Cancer Research
5 GBP to UNICEF (the United Nations Children's Fund)