human is

Made mostly of felt clothes and cottons. Bone structures are made of rolled newspapers.
Right brain consists of a CD drive, a CPU, a sound card and some other computer parts people threw away (I retreived those from the trash pile of a big university).
Left brain made of clay, acrylic paint and varnish.
About 1.5m height, weight 25kg.

First of all, I wanted to make people think.
I was thinking that people are having not much time to think by their selves, especially recently.
Because the world is full of information and knowledge and you can get any of them anytime you want.
So we get information more and more, and we lose time to think for that.
That's the idea I had, when I started to make this project. So I wanted to make people think.

"The world is full of information and knowledge and you can get any of them anytime you want"

"What part of you makes you?", came up for the subject I wanted people to think.
Also, in Japan, there are controversy over whether brain death is death of the human being or not. The body is working but the brain is not.

And I'm always interested in artificial limbs as I had a incident that could lose my arm and I have a friend with artificial limbs.
Modern artificial arm can "feel" things. And there are many other parts of our body that can be replaced by artificial ones (those are not good as the originals, though). Total artificial heart and total lungs are going to be clinical tested soon.
So we may have someone who has only brain and artificial parts, in the future. It used to be a sci-fi story, but not anymore.

But making the terminator looking, metalic and scary, robot would make people away from the work.
So I made the work with fabric (with color of pink that is said to be the color which calm people) to make people, young and old, men and women, interested in the work.

Before I use fabric, I tried to make a paper made sample to make sure I can make it by fabric.

At the exhibition

The artwork won an honorable mention in graduation thesis.

CPU: AMD-K6-2 450Mhz
DVD-R/RW: Pioneer DVR-A04
Sound: Creative VIBRA128 OEM