about myself

Name: oek

About my works
Mostly, I draw picture. I also make sculpture out of clay/plaster.

My career
Other than my works on this web site, I drew many pictures for people who asked me to draw.
Drew pictures for several mod teams as an concept artist.
Artwork for a promotional album for an Italian band Esdem.
Artwork for a EP vinyl record for an Danish band Antilles.

Get the Drawing and Donate
There are some projects that is to donate to humanitarian organizations via my artworks.
Projects have nothing to do with any religion nor specific humanitarian organization.

Need drawings?
If you want me to draw or make something for you, feel free to e-mail me.
Are you looking for someone to draw a portrait for your mother's birthday? Need artist to draw a picture for your band? Ask me.
But when you ask me to draw, please notice that I'm a student and maybe I have other job offers to do.
So if you ask me, ask me with time to spare asking another artist the job, in the case I decline your offer.

: oek@oekart.com