11_29_07 -cyborg

The first war of the world brought us a technology of connecting organ to machine.
In the medium term of the second war of the world made the technology -as known as cyborg technology- cheaper. The military started using the technology for their soldiers.

While the second war of the world gave its first cry among politicians, this young bank clerk -who was raised with rich education of self-development programs- was living contented life.
When people heard the first cry of the war with rain of cluster bombs, a part of her body (upper torso) was luckily founded by an emergency medical robot.
Hospitals of the city was one of the primal objectives of the first attack and all of them where destroyed. She had to take medical treatment in a medical camp made by robots.
Unfortunately for her, surgeon robot was busy treating other injured persons. A general-purpose medical robot diagnosed that most of her remaining organs were incurable. The robot proceeded the operation of transferring her organs to artificial organs.
She awoke one month later, it was untenable to face the fact. She tried to destroy the last original part she had -her head- with her brand new hands.
A general-purpose medical robot snatched her from the jaws of death.
The irony is that, the robot was the same type of general-purpose medical robot which turned her into this situation.
Robots kept her in leash by detaching her artificial body parts for a while.
While she had to stay put, she utilized the education of self-development programs she gained when she was a child.
She understood that the alteration of her body doesn't change the existence of her soul, mind. She decided to live her life as it was before.
But that was not as easy as it was.

The second war made the technology cheaper. But it didn't mean that you can change your body parts to artificial ones just like changing your toothbrush.
It still was too expensive for a citizen. Especially the citizen has no organs but a head (which damaged badly).
As you can see, this is the best she could get with her money and subsidized charge from the government. Her body was totally different from a general human.
The former workplace willingly accepted her return. But scrutiny of co-workers, harassing behavior from discriminatory customers led her to think that it is inappropriate for her to be in the workplace. She handed her resignation in. And she founded a NPO which helps reintegration of cyborg people into civilian life.
She is helping cyborg people dealing with discrimination, trauma and office issue by self-development programs, mental and legal support. After she experienced three other wars, now she is in love with a disabled soldier who has not so much flesh than her.
They paid one-half of their saving money to install their selves their own genital organs. So now they can make love but they can not having babies by these.
They can make babies by using technology of artificial womb with DNA of them. But it is more expensive than adding two genital organs to both of them.
They can only pray for success of his business of making modified parts for cyborg bodies.

Self-development programs and modern medicine brought happy life back to her. But it seems that she have no will to go outside other than her work.
Most of her body covered by artificial parts. The only original parts of hers we can see is her brown eyes, sparkling inside of the exoskeletal skull.
But it is too difficult to say whether her attractive eyes in deep grief are artificial or not for the people who doesn't know her very well.
She fears that no one would see her as a person but a robot. And sadly that is true that people will not see her as a human being but a robot.
Her pursuit for self-development brought her new life, but currently she still have fear to go out.

11_2_06_2 -robo




robo028 Projector

robo027 Childminder for rambunctious child

6_13_06 -robo

robo026 - Some kind of a priest
Priest Robo, is a type of robot which has knowledge of almost all religions on earth and is able to conduct various types of religious services. This robot is able to change its appearance as to adhere to the various kinds of religious services that is to be conducted such as donning itself with different kinds of beards, an assortment of hats and other hair ornaments, stored inside of its head.

The designers of this robo had to sign an agreement to ensure that they do not belong any religion to avoid making a robo that is religiously biased. They are also required to take daily examinations to make sure that their attitude/behavior/sartorial sense are not biased in any way during the project. People who spoke religious words were discharged immediately. The project was criticized, mostly because their definition of "religious words" was considered unreasonable for majority of the employees, such as, "Oh my God/Gods", "Allah"(*1) and "Kami"(*2).

The president of the company later claimed that such a problem was inevitable for an international project but it was true that we needed to pay more attention to the cultural aspects of religious terms.

Althought the product was widely used around the world, it was hard to say that the robo was welcomed warmly by everyone. Ardent devotees of many religion made complained about misinterpretations of the religious ideas and stories. They accused religiously biased employees of making misinterpretations.

More recently, priest robos are outfitted in megastructures with emergency packs, such as medical kits and fire extinguishers. They rescue people who are trapped in buildings by offering mental and spiritual support during times of disaster of human or natural causes.

*1, A Japanese expression of indicating surprise
*2, A Japanese word for God, paper and hair


150dpi x 80 %



150dpi x 50%

robo022 - a bird

robo021 - a babe

What a predicament


robo019 - Bird

robo016 - gif
I like the design of robo016. So I made the robot with Microsoft Paint.


robo017 - Mr. Street Lamp

robo016 - Robo for waste land

robo015 - Groveling dictionary
150dpi, 100dpi

I found him in a scrap storage district.

His neck unit seemed very sturdy.
It seemed someone wrenched both of his arms out from his shoulders.
He had a scar on his right supraorbital foramen.

Maybe he was an arm-wrestling robot in some kind of barroom.


A monster

robo012 - A robot in the old ages 2

robo011 - A robot in the old ages

robo010 - A robo for middle-class families

robo009 - A robo for narrow place

robo008 - Elizabeth

robo007 - Sweeper

robo006 - Information clerk

robo005 - War robo

robo004 - Angleworm

robo003 - Arm digger









a tire

bitter reality


6_6_04 nightmare 2







5_26_04 :A fishy mascot and a robot



Sachiko - Sacchan


Surprised by lines


inserting eyes


repairment needed



in-process, facial skin

inspection during construction

mass-production, early phase

Come, I'll fix you

avant-garde 1

the dace of the cloud

sk rokettea

Flying robot



robot 2